Ssss. This hissing sound of the Akasch grows louder as it draws closer. Prepare for what's to come with these useful goods and give yourself a headstart when the invasion begins!

Purchase the Akasch Invasion Gold Pack for $99.99 and receive the following items:
Patron 60 Days
Credits 2500
Wrapped Enhanced Black Eagle Glider Companion
1 Race Change Elixir: 15 Days
1 Ewan’s Rune Rank 1
350 Bound Tax Certificates
2 Expansion Scrolls
50 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits
2 Loyalty Token 50-Packs
2 Resplendent Solar Tempers
2 Resplendent Lunar Tempers
1 Wrapped Serendipity Stone
3 Bound Resplendent Weapon Tempering Charms
3 Bound Resplendent Armor Tempering Charms
1 Bound Resplendent Weapon Anchoring Tempering Charm
1 Bound Resplendent Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm

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