Reveal that which strikes from shadows with the Shadows Revealed Gold Pack, filled with supplies to support your dangerous adventures!

60 Days of Patron
Get account-wide access to tons of awesome benefits, including increased Labor gains, bonus experience, the ability to own land & more.

2500 Credits
Purchase incredible items – including mounts, pets, costumes & more – from the ArcheAge in-game marketplace.

Ebonfur Bjorn
This big bad bear has been trained to be a cute and cuddle mount!

Mountain Tribe Costume
As ferocious as the Rokhala Tribes themselves, this costume is sure to send your enemies packing!

Anywhere Warehouse
Summon your warehouse to stall any item you need - anywhere!

50 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits
Synthesize your Hiram gear to be the best it can be with these infusions.

Wrapped Serendipity Stone
Enhance your costumes or undergarments by rerolling one of their stats.

2 Loyalty Token 50-packs
Grab some valuable and rare items with this pack of alternative currency!

3 Resplendent Weapon Tempering Charms
Double your chances when you temper your weapon with this Resplendent Weapon Tempering Charm!

3 Resplendent Armor Tempering Charms
Double your chances when you temper your armor with this Resplendent armor Tempering Charm!

2 Expansion Scrolls
Expand your inventory!

2 Resplendent Lunar Tempers
Increasing the defense of your armor is not an issue anymore with the Resplendent Lunar Temper!

2 Resplendent Solar Tempers
You want your weapon to be stronger? You can temper it with the help of the Resplendent Solar Temper!

350 Bound Tax Certificates
Keep your property by using these to pay to maintain your houses, gardens, and farms.

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